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Our Favourite 2018 Hoodies

2018 Hoodies

The New Year is approaching fast. In this blog post the team at Chill Hoodies reflects on their favourite hoodies of 2018.

In February 2018 Chill Hoodies launched and has been active in the hoodie and sweatshirt business ever since. Most of our clients come from the USA, Australia or Germany. Currently Chill Hoodies has released just over 100 custom made hoodies.

Our hoodies range from popular franchises to stunning artwork. Printed on polyester our hoodies give an amazing 3d effect and allow for high levels of detail.

Personally, we love all hoodies on But if we had to choose 3 hoodies, we would go with the following:

Einstein Smoking Hoodie

Let’s be honest. Albert Einstein was a complete legend. A theoretical physicist  without undoubted swagger. The design is creative and plays on the genius that this guy was.

A true expert in his field (with other 300 empirical papers!), he was literally smoking the galaxy.

Wiz Khalifa Hoodie

While Wiz Khalifa and Albert Einstein are two very different people, they are both geniuses in their respective fields. Wiz Khalifa is a hip hop sensation of this generation and has inspired many other hip hop artists.

This hoodie depicts the care free attitude and his love for ganja. The colors are perfect and it’s most definitely one of our best prints. Personally all of our team love wearing this wiz khalifa hoodie.

Donald Trump Hoodie

A slightly controversial in your face hoodie, very much like the President of USA. Love him or hate him, this Donald Trump hoodie is incredibly funny and fun to wear.

In 2019 we will most likely make more hoodies like this, blowing up celebrity faces and 3d printing them on polyester hoodies. We hope one day, Donald Trump will wear this iconic hoodie of ours #makeamericagreatagain.

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