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Making Improvements to Tracking Your Order


At Chill Hoodies we are constantly trying to improve our systems and processes. We are still a relatively new company and there’s a lot for us to learn.

Current Limitations

Delivery is a very important aspect of our business and 95% of our customer support revolves around this. Currently our system has a couple of flaws:

  1. Lack of regular updates
  2. No SMS integration (for customers who supply phone numbers)
  3. And from our end, a lot of manual work with little automation

What we are doing

Therefore, over the next two weeks we will implement a new tracking system to address the above issues. This should make shipping and tracking of our hoodies far more effective and transparent.

The new tracking system will include the following:

  1. A visual tracking timeline for all orders
  2. Auto updates sent directly by email whenever there is a change of status
  3. SMS notifications of your order
  4. An estimated time of arrival

Please note: during implementation existing orders may have some difficulty with our existing tracking, however we will do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.

What we are not doing

We are still sticking with the same delivery partners which offer free worldwide shipping. In the future we will look to improve our shipping times also. And while it isn’t the fastest, we offer several guarantees you will receive your product within a specific time period.

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