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Sizing Issue Affecting Some Orders

Hi everyone –

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and send our best wishes across the world. We are still operational as a company and shipping as usual.

However recently it has come to our attention that some orders have had the wrong sized hoodie sent out to them. This was due to a technical glitch on our side and a subsequent miscommunication with one of our manufacturers.

Note: this seems to have impacted some orders between the dates 09/03/2020 to 08/04/2020. If you do get an incorrect sized hoodie, please get in contact with us at [email protected]

We will determine with you the following approach:

  1. Send out another hoodie of the correct size
  2. Provide a full refund

Finally, shipping times are still slow due to the Covid-19. We are doing our best in terms of processing, however shipping unfortunately is somewhat out of our control.


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