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5 Reasons Why Hoodies Are The Best

We all have our favourite hoodie. In fact, you probably have a couple stored in your wardrobe. Not to mention, you are probably wearing one right now! Hoodies are without doubt the best piece of clothing, ever. They are used by almost everyone – university students, jocks, goths, stylists and Kayne West. If you do not have a hoodie yet, check out our store. However, if you do – check out the perks of wearing a hoodie. Below are our top 5 reasons for wearing a hoodie. 

5 Reasons Hoodies Are The Best

  • Layers on Layers
  • Nothing says chill more than a hoodie
  • Leave me alone
  • Comfort
  • Perfect for EVERY scenario

1. Layers on Layers

Hoodies allow you to layer up. They are the perfect overlay to any piece of clothing.

2. Nothing Says Chill More Than Hoodies

Hoodies are the ultimate chill piece of clothing, right? Hoodie life is casual. When you see somebody in a hoodie, you immediately feel relaxed by their chill presence. You might as well be a monk when you are wearing your favourite hoodie.

3. Leave Me Alone

Having a bad day? Put on your hoodie. Hoodies aren’t that anti-social, but combined with some headphones and putting your hood up, they definitely can be. Nothing says, don’t bother me more than somebody walking down the street with their hood up and headphones in. Sometimes we just need time by ourself with our favourite hoodie.

4. Comfort

Is there anything more comfortable than a nice oversized hoodie? Not really… Pjyamas are a good shout, but still.. There is nothing better than lounging around in an oversized hoodie, keeping warm while watching netflix

5. Perfect for EVERY scenario

You heard me. There is rarely a scenario where your a hoodie cannot suffice. You can pop down the shop in your hoodie, go to the cinema. You can even go to fashion shows in a nice hoodie. There is literally no counterplay to a hoodie. It’s both stylish and practical.

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Hoodies Are The Best

  1. Jerry Woods says:

    I like how you said that hoodies are stylish and practical. My wife is starting a new job soon and she is wanting to switch up her style. I’ll be sure to tell her to try wearing hoodies to change up her look.

  2. Stella Mary says:

    Great thoughts on why are hoodies the best. I agree with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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