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Netflix subscriber? Awesome. Stranger Things fan? Of course. In 2016 stranger things became a hit release on Netflix. Everybody spoke about this program and after season 2 last year, the hype has hardly died. We celebrated this hit TV franchise by designing some custom stranger things hoodies.

If you do not know what stranger things is – where have you been living? The TV series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins. The first season follows the disappearance of a young boy ‘will’ and the mysertious appearance of a young girl called Eleven. No spoilers here. You just need to know, it is an awesome TV series that needs to be watched. When you have the time of course.

Stranger Things Hoodie: The Boys

The four main characters: Lucas, Dustin, Mike and Will. Each character is unique and memorable. We truly love them all. But Dustin is definitely the best! This hoodie was inspired by the Gorrilaz and contains all four boys. Stylish and cool.

Stranger Things Hoodie: The Alphabet

A trendy Stranger Things Hoodie that fans can definitely relate to. We aren’t going to spoil anything – but the graphic on this hoodie is pretty important.

Stranger Things Hoodie: Eleven

The mysterious girl. Eleven is the star of the show. Hardly anything is known about her. She is not human-like and I think that is why we all love her. She has this innocence yet ability to harness immense power.

Stranger Things Hoodie: Don’t Lie

If there is one thing that is expressed in Stranger Things, it would be ‘don’t lie’. Afterall, friends don’t lie to each other, do they? This key phrase demonstrates the trust and friendships that the main characters have.

Stranger Things Hoodie: Plain Oversized

Sometimes plain hoodies are the way forward. This stylish hoodie embraced the retro logo of the stranger things franchise. If you wear this hoodie, it will be easy to get the respect of other fans.

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